Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Video of Our Bangus Fish Cage

I just want to share this video of our fishes. This was taken around 5 days after our stacking.
Just don't mind what we are talking as you may not understand it since we are talking using our native dialects.

You will hear me doing the camera shots and talking and see my partners Ryan and Henry as well as our caretaker Roy, feeding the fishes. The video though is quite choppy and not clear as it is taken using a crappy camera phone.


allanbiron said...
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allanbiron said...

Hi Sir,

I get interested as soon as i watch the video of your bangus farm... As a start up businessman like me, what can you give tips and advise with regards bangus production? How much much money will i invest? what are the risks to consider during the production?

Hope to hear from you Sir.

Thank you and more power po.