Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bangus Farming - Video Interview

Here is a video with our interview on one of the popular lady at the Bagsakan. She spoke about the performance  of Panabo Marine Culture Farm as well as price and escalation. She is Ma'am Maria Odujan (i hope we got her family name right.)

Bangus Farming - Milk Fish Products

On this blog, we will share to you what are the other products with Bangus as the center piece. We all know that Bangus is a healthy, nutritious edible fishes that can be cooked in many ways. But there are other by products that can be made from bangus that are readily available in the market. These are some of them:

Bangus Farming - Feeds and Its Effect on the Pocket

Fish cage farming is relatively cheap on your initial expenses. Assuming that everything is done, the fish cage is finished and the fries have been stacked, it is time to operate it. The biggest contributor of the cost  are the feeds. It could takes up to 80% of your operating expenses cost.