Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bangus Farming - Mortality Rate

Hi there. Like any business that you are to undertake, it entail risks. One the the many risks in this business is death of a fingerling. It is very common to have deaths in a fish cage, especially during the early stages. It was determined from experiments and experiences of BFAR and other operators that the mortality rate of these fishes would reach 5% per 15,000 fingerlings.

Though relatively low, you still would have an uneasy feeling if you were told that some of the fishes decided not to swim anymore and die. During our first two weeks, we experienced as many as 100 deaths in a day. Though it is slowly tapering off, we hope that we will attain steady state condition and would have less or ideally zero deaths until harvest time.

It is for the same reason that suppliers of our fingerlings add up additional number of fingerlings, to compensate with the expected deaths. I will show a video below, on how they put in the additional fingerlings in the fish cage.
Enjoy and learn.

Again never mind our dialogs as we are still using our native language. :)


Linda said...

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Thanks.. very helpful for startup like us..