Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bangus Farming - Feeds and Its Effect on the Pocket

Fish cage farming is relatively cheap on your initial expenses. Assuming that everything is done, the fish cage is finished and the fries have been stacked, it is time to operate it. The biggest contributor of the cost  are the feeds. It could takes up to 80% of your operating expenses cost.

As first timers, we used as guides the practice of those who are ahead of us, and those recommendations from the "authorities". But the basics would be encompassed in a program. There will be a starter phase, grower's phase, and finishers. During these phases, different feed types, appropriate to its phase are fed to the fishes.

As of the moment, we are using the feeds from TATEH and we intend to keep it up until harvest time. But there are other feed brands out there to choose from as well. Depending on the situation, we might try some of those brands.
Realizing that the largest component of the expenses are the feeds, we intend to optimize our usage from it. We don't want to minimize it though. At the same time, we are not sure of our feeding frequencies. There are lots of advices been given to us from different people who are involved in same industry, the problem is, there seems to be no consistent one, and some even contradict the others.

We are left to observe with our methodologies, and hope to improve on it based on our performance. But it is a costly experiment. So, if you happen to know a suitable feeding program, we would be glad to entertain it.


Greg said...

What about using all natural, farm raised food to cut expenses, and thus increase profits?

nodols said...

Please do, update this blog when you have found a the most efficient method of feeding..