Monday, September 27, 2010

The Beginning of the Journey

Hello to any readers (assuming there will be) of this blog. 

What would happen when three, Engineers, with no experience and prior knowledge in Bangus Farming decided to swim into the business? Our answer would be, it is like experiencing an on the job training. The difference now, is that the OJT is expensive as it involves hard earned money, and entails lots of real hard work and constant thinking. Very different during our OJT days in college.

On this, our journey to the world of marine culture farming, we will make this blog as our journal or documentation of our experiences, discoveries, trials, and hopefully victories (in terms of financial rewards hopefully) in our endeavor. As we will be engaging on the business of marine culture, specifically the bangus farming, through fish cages.

See you guys, and we hope that this business will work.
Let there be fish on earth, :)

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